5 simple home remedies to relieve constipation

Constipation can be caused by the food that you eat or avoid, your lifestyle choices, medication or diseases if any. For many people, the cause of constipation is usually unknown. This is known as chronic idiopathic constipation. Less than three bowel movements per week are described as constipation. There can be various other unpleasant symptoms as well such as abdominal bloating, discomfort in the washroom, stomach pain due to difficulty in passing stool. Constipation can have a serious negative impact on the quality of life, along with physical and mental health as well. There are many natural treatment and remedies for constipation that an affected person can do in the comfort of your own home as listed below:

Drink plenty of water
Being dehydrated on a regular basis can lead to constipation. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to keep yourself regularly hydrated and drink enough of water. You can try finding relief by consuming carbonate water to help you rehydrate and get things moving again when you are constipated. Dehydration can make you feel constipated, so ensure you consume enough of water. Sparkling water is a great option too!

Eat more fiber foods
Consuming more soluble fiber especially non-fermentable fiber is one of the effective treatment and remedies for constipation. This is because high fiber content in food items help to improve the consistency and bulk of bowel movements. Hence, making it easier to pass. Various studies have shown that chronic constipation is benefited from supplementing with fiber. When constipated, the best choice for a fiber supplement is a non-fermentable soluble fiber, such as psyllium. To avoid constipation, prefer a mix of soluble and insoluble in your diet.

Drink coffee
This might be a surprise for some to find out that even coffee can be one of the remedies for constipation. For some people, drink coffee, especially a caffeinated one can increase the urge to go to the washroom. This is because coffee stimulates your digestive muscles. Some studies even show that coffee can stimulate your gut in the same way a meal can. This may happen because coffee contains a small amount of soluble fiber that by improving the balance of your gut bacteria helps prevent constipation.

Consume probiotic foods or supplements
Probiotics may help in preventing constipation as well as can be one of the treatment and remedies for constipation. There has been an imbalance of bacteria seen in the guts of people who suffer serious constipation problems. Probiotic foods help in maintaining the balance of bacteria in the stomach. Probiotics also help in treating functional constipation by increasing the bowel movements and improving the stool consistency.

Consume prunes
Prune and prune juices are often considered as one of the best natural treatment and remedies for constipation. Along with fibers, prunes also contain the natural laxative sorbitol. This is a sugar alcohol that has a laxative effect. If you are constipated, prunes are the simplest solution available. Some studies have also shown that prune may be more effective than fiber for treating constipation.