Everything you need to know about zika mosquitoes and the virus

Zika virus was discovered while studies were going on yellow fever. It was found that the Zika virus comes from a species of a mosquito that is primarily found in the Zika forest in Uganda. A person who gets introduced to Zika virus can show mild symptoms that can often be ignored as being the regular symptoms of any fever. Symptoms are however headaches, red eyes, discomfort, and fatigue.

Though Zika virus does not cause a life-threatening condition, it can have serious and lifetime implications for unborn children. The introduction to Zika virus involves the impact of the virus on an unborn child if the mother catches the virus. The infants are born with a brain condition called microcephaly. This condition occurs when the brain does not develop completely, and hence the size of the head of the infant is significantly smaller than a normal size.

Origin and the impact of Zika virus

Zika virus, though originated from a forest in Uganda, is now spreading quickly as the Yap Island in Micronesia gets an outbreak of the virus. Many cases of people being infected by the Zika virus were reported in French Polynesia and the nearby islands. The virus has affected people in Brazil and Central America.

Places that have been affected by the Zika virus have also reported several cases of newborn babies having a congenital brain and spine malformation, also termed as microcephaly. Women who are pregnant and get infected by the Zika virus are likely to give birth to babies who have microcephaly. Zika can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse, and there have been a few reported cases of sexually transmitted Zika virus cases.

Treatment and cure

Zika fever or Zika virus can be treated if a person is infected with it. It can be treated by taking plenty of rest, keeping the body hydrated by drinking enough water and other fluids, taking acetaminophen that is the medicine to cure Zika fever and the pain it causes. It is quite surprising for doctors to learn that not all pregnant women who are infected with the Zika birth give birth to babies that have microcephaly. The research is hence focusing on during which period of pregnancy is a woman vulnerable or strong to have the baby with or with microcephaly.

Prevention of the virus and the spread

There are many ways to protect oneself from getting infected by the Zika virus. The usual way of staying away from mosquitoes and preventing yourself from getting bit by mosquitoes is how you can protect yourself from getting infected by the Zika virus. Using repellents, wearing clothes that cover the skin prevents you from mosquito bites. Keeping the house clean and mosquito free is essential as your home should be hygiene friendly, so diseases don’t nest at your home. Since Zika virus can be transmitted sexually, precautions must be taken in that case too.

If someone is not pregnant, they can still get the infection. The virus then can get transmitted to other people too, including pregnant women. That makes it important for everybody to protect themselves from mosquito bites and keep the surroundings clean.