Botox: Do You Actually Need IT?


From the time it first became available for cosmetic use in Britain just over a decade ago, the solution has gone on to be an ultimate quick-fix for wrinkles, Along with fillers, which can push out loose and saggy skin, these injections were collectively billed as the surgery-free face lift, the way to turn back the clock without any problems.


Forget the clown-like appearance and other physical Clones that the overuse of Botox has generated on the mugs of some of Hollywood’s famous faces. Now there is some new insight that some women have used this solution so often that they seem to be completely ineffective. Scientists say the drug, which is a type of neurotoxin, “is failing to freeze the facial muscles of some patients as well as it did before, or for as long,” the paper said.


According to researchers, not only are Botox treatments failing to provide the desired effects, many women are even developing antibodies to some forms of Botox treatment, resulting in a zero-net gain. A review of the treatments by German researchers, the results of which were published in the Journal of Neural Transmission, found that one in 200 Botox users had developed antibodies which, over time, make the treatments much less effective (but no less expensive).


Ditch the Botox.


Ultimately, though, subjecting your body to Botox treatments in the first place is unnecessarily dangerous, considering there are a number of natural ways to defy age:


Exercise your face: According to experts daily facial massage can significantly reduce the physical signs of aging also by smoothing wrinkles, reducing facial tension and dark circles under your eyes. “When used in with essential oils specifically beneficial to the lymphatic system, the skin is effectively detoxified and collagen production is encouraged,”


Improve your diet: Health and dermatology experts know that diet can also affect how you look. Five foods that can reduce wrinkles and defy age include omega-3 fatty acids, blueberries, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and fish oils.