How to Improve your Shave with a Disposable Razor

How to Improve your Shave with a Disposable Razor

Shaving can be a painful experience, especially if your tools are cheap or old disposable razors. However, the good news is that we have a few tips to help you improve, and even look forward to, your daily shave.

Guys, here are six tips you’ll want to keep in mind whenever you put that disposable razor near your skin…

Invest in the right tools
Do you shave with the cheapest disposable razors and aftershave you can find at the drugstore? No wonder your face appears patchy and razor burned after each shave! With shaving, you get what you pay for, and that means spending a little extra on a premium disposable razor, shaving cream that primes and moistens the skin, and a non-burning aftershave.

No dry shaves
Sure, you might be in a hurry, but taking razor to dry skin never did any face any favors. Sure, maybe if you’re using an electric razors, but you’ll never attain that baby faced smooth shave like you do with a wet shave. Remember, if you’re using disposable razors, pay a little extra for premium razors with a moistened strip that stay sharp following the first use.

Go for shaving soap or cream
I know, canned shaving foam is the cheapest option at the drugstore, but if you reach for a quality shaving soap or cream instead, your face will thank you. To use, later up using a shaving brush, and a shaving soap or shaving cream. You may need to purchase these products from a barber shop, but it’ll be the closest shave ever.

Opt for a double edge razor
Disposable razors are available for purchase with different blade quantities. For instance, a premium brand disposable razor will offer replaceable cartridges with 1, 2, and 3 blades. Think of the blade counts as investing in a better shave. The more blades, the cleaner and more aggressive the shave.

A note about aftershave
After a shave, do you apply aftershave? If you do, you may twitch at the burn. However, you can invest in a non-alcoholic aftershave for sensitive skin. Not only will there be no burn, but you’ll avoid dry skin and nasty red spots, the results of using harsh, alcoholic aftershaves.

Mirror, mirror
To save time, many guys like to shave in the shower. However, you’ll get a closer and more thorough shave if you do it right in front of your mirror. Otherwise, you may suffer razor burn and shaving nicks.