Natural remedies and tips for preventing Zika virus

The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and is a deadly threat spreading around the world. Hence, it is very important to be aware of Zika and know about Zika prevention as well. Most of the people who are diagnosed with the Zika virus do not have any major signs and symptoms. The people who are diagnosed, however, experience mild fever, cough, skin rash, fatigue, restlessness, joint or muscle pain, headache, and discomfort. The symptoms usually start to show up within a week. Hence, prevention being better than cure, to ensure Zika prevention, below are some natural remedies and tips:

A great antioxidant herb with a lot of medicinal properties is turmeric. It is one of the best natural analgesic herbs and also one of the best anti-inflammatories. Add a half tablespoon of turmeric in a glass of milk and have it at least once a day. Turmeric helps you to enhance your immune system and also helps provide stamina to fight health problems.

Holy basil leaves
Another amazing herb that happens to be a part of the ayurvedic science is the holy basil. The herb is packed with vitamin A, C, and other phytonutrients. It protects your body from free radicals as it has excellent antioxidant herb. It can be used as an effective natural remedy for Zika prevention. Make a decoction by using few holy basil leaves with three to four black pepper and two or three cloves. Filter it and add a tablespoon of honey to it and then have it. Take it once every day for a few days. This decoction helps to provide strong stamina against many deadly diseases.

Fresh ginger is another useful herb for Zika prevention. It is a very useful spice that is used in the kitchen. Also, this herb can protect you against various types of viruses. Being a powerful anti-inflammatory herb, ginger provides relief from muscle and joint pain and can effectively deal with respiratory illnesses such as a cough, nasal, and blockage of airways. It also helps to treat a headache, nausea, bronchitis, osteoarthritis, and abdominal cramps. You can consume ginger tea with or without milk. You can also prefer to make a decoction by simply adding fresh ginger pieces or juice. If the taste happens to be too strong, you can add honey to sweeten it.

Other tips to prevent the Zika virus infection
Other Zika prevention measures that can be taken are visiting the doctor immediately if you experience some nasal congestion, fever, or fatigue with joint or muscle pain. Maintain a distance from people who are infected with symptoms of flu or nasal congestion. Do not share plates, spoons, etc., with people who are infected. Keep your rooms, kitchen, and washrooms clean and disinfected. Keep your surrounding clean as well. Keep cleaning your place from time to time. Avoid junk food as it will worsen your health. Ensure to opt for fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin A and C and are good antioxidants. Moreover, avoid taking mental stress and take care of your well-being. It is important to keep your immune system strong so as to fight the viruses.