3 effective ways for living with lupus

After Selena Gomez got candid about suffering from lupus, a lot of people are opening up about living with lupus, and many are trying to understand this medical condition

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune medical condition where your own immune system which is meant to protect you from foreign threats becomes a threat itself. When one is suffering from lupus, the immune system starts attacking their organs and tissues and the inflammation caused by lupus is capable of severely destroying everything right from their skin and joints to the kidney, lungs, and heart.

What is worse about living with lupus is that it takes years to detect the symptoms and even longer to treat it and fully recover from the condition. This is because the symptoms of lupus are so nonspecific and common that one often tends to ignore them and don’t bother paying much heed to them.

It is only when you realize that the fatigue, fever, and the “butterfly rash,” which resembles a sunburn, are regularly appearing that you realize something is wrong.

Living with lupus is not easy. Therefore, here are some tips on how you can improve your life and stay positive even while you are struggling and living with lupus.

Educate yourself
It is essential that if you are living with lupus, you have a sound knowledge about the disease. Going for regular lab tests and checkups is important, but if you want to be in full control, now is the time to pick up books on lupus and look up the Internet for lupus-related Q&As. In fact, you should also try involving your loved ones and educate them about your illness. This will prepare you and them in case of emergencies.

Not just that, if you are aware of all the signs and symptoms of lupus, you can observe your behavioral pattern and understand what triggers your situation.

Say no to stress
Many lupus patients complain about having a flare attack, which is nothing but worsening of the lupus symptoms and having an unbearable inflammation. It is believed that stress increases your chances of going through a flare and it also aggravates your lupus pain. So, find out stress triggers and try to work on it. Seek help when you have trouble coping with lupus pain and try to find hobbies that help you unwind and relax.

Embrace a healthy living
There is no specific diet designed for lupus patients, but food plays an important role in dealing with lupus. Patients with lupus are at a high risk of developing heart diseases so try to keep your heart healthy with a healthy diet plan. Eat a balanced amount of fish and food items that are rich in calcium and iron for healthy joints. Make sure that you have a sleep routine that you follow religiously because a lack of sleep contributes to lupus which causes tiredness and fatigue.

Note that people living with lupus have sensitive skin, so avoid your exposure to the sun as the UV-rays can aggravate lupus pain.

One thing you must know about lupus is that it is much more than just a disease that affects a person physically. It affects a person on greater levels such as mentally and emotionally. The best advice to deal with lupus is to embrace your situation and fight against the illness with all your might.