7-Minute workout is it hyped?

7 minute workout

Benefits of going for a long run and weight training is equivalent to this workout. “No pain no gain” this proverb is appropriate for this workout.

While doing these 12 exercises it uses the body’s own weight to get the same amount of exercise as doing a long run and session of weight-training in just seven minutes.

There’s very good evidence that high-intensity interval training provides many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time. Highly efficient exercises, this routine is based on interval training, where you’re combining intense activity with brief recovery periods.

The exercises should be performed very rapidly, giving 30 seconds for each (with a 10-second rest), the intensity hovers at about an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Those seven minutes should be, in a word, unpleasant. The best part is, after seven minutes, you’re done

With a very small investment that is a chair and your own body weight you can get maximum results. During each set, the muscles which have not had a moment to ‘catch their breath’, makes the order of the exercises important.

Start working out from today itself

Perform this plan as a circuit, executing 9 to 12 of the exercises below for 30 seconds each, moving from one to the next within 10 seconds. If you’re aiming to burn major calories, go right into a second and even a third set. Complete it three times a week, on nonconsecutive days, for best results.

00:00–00:30 JUMPING JACKS

00:40–01:10 WALL SIT

01:20–01:50 PUSH-UPS

02:00–02:30 CRUNCHES

02:40–03:10 CHAIR STEP-UPS

03:20–03:50 SQUATS


04:40–05:10 PLANK

05:20–05:50 HIGH KNEES

06:00–06:30 LUNGES



Workout length will vary from 9 to 12 exercises in 6 to 8 minutes.

You need to have a better than average level of fitness to do this program safely at the intensity required. It is something recommended to a health and fitness conscious person who is exercising regularly and has a reasonable knowledge for undertaking the program in a self-directed manner.