6 Tips to Get Better Sleep

There’s nothing worse than not getting a good night’s sleep. The constant tossing and turning, the snoring, and just the overall discomfort that can come from a multitude of issues can lead to a long night. Back pain (as well as other muscles related pains), sleep apnea, and anxiety are just a few issues that can lead to not getting the relaxing and peaceful rest that we all deserve after a long day.

Here are six helpful tips for a better night’s sleep:

1. Spend more time outside in the day
Studies have shown that spending adequate time outdoors can have an effect on sleep quality. Spending time outside during the daytime exercising, relaxing underneath a tree, meditating or reading, fishing, and or gardening can have great effects on the quality of rest you will receive later. It’s been said that spending time outdoors can help regulate a person’s circadian rhythm and temperature. If you want a shot a more restful night, spend more time outside in the daytime

2. Establish a sleep routine
People are creatures of habit. Anything that is done on a consistent basis ultimately becomes a habit. Our sleep pattern or sleep routine play a role in whether we achieve a restful slumber. Set a bedtime and a “wake up” time. Establish a sleep routine to train your brain to feel sleepy as such time nears. Try and get as close to a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep as possible

3. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom
As tempting as it may be to scroll through pages on your phone before bed, it’s best to avoid doing so as that can affect the part of the brain that “feels” awake and sleepy. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom when it is bed time or at least turn them off

4. Avoid caffeine and sugar late in the day
Good old sugar and caffeine, as good as they taste, they aren’t so sweet in the sleep department. Caffeine can make it difficult to sleep and sugar can make it difficult to stay asleep. A wise word would be to avoid prior to going to bed. If you’re feeling thirsty, instead of a cup of coffee or sugary drink like a soda or juice, try a nice glass of water

5. Replace old mattresses
You may not be aware of it, but that mattress that you love so much could be one of the catalysts for your sleeping struggles. Old mattresses can cause chronic back pain, which can lead to a low quality of sleep and weaken your immune system. For adults a queen mattress is pretty standard so grabbing a mattress queen firm can be of use. Replace your mattress every six to eight years.

6. Snoring doesn’t mean you’re sleeping well
Snoring can have an effect on your sleep quality. Snoring can leave you more tired in the morning. Changing your sleeping posture as well as adjusting your diet can help stop snoring relief

Everything has plays a part in overall sleep quality, utilize the tips above to help achieve the best sleep possible so that you can wake up and be the best you can

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